AMFOR Tubular Anodes Cell is a flushable anode Cell used in electro coating (ED) paint system with most types of paint. It serves as the opposition electrode and simultaneously removes solubilizer (usually a common organic acid) from the paint to maintain chemical balance. AMFOR’s Anolyte Injection Systems distribute the anolyte evenly across the anodes in anocel box and semi-circular. And the delivery system in Anocel tubular cells increases dirt and oxygen removal by a minimum factor of three over conventional designs

 Other customer benefits include:

  • Safe and Esay Handing
  • Hard to Damage Design
  • Low Electrical Resistance
  •  Quick and Easy Inspection Procedure
  •  Maintenance Friendly

 AMFOR Tubular Anode Cell available in the standard model ADTA-50 Series 

Membrane: Ion-exchange membrane

Application: Automotive industry, Appliance industry, Auto-parts industry and wherever good quality corrosion resistant paint is required.