• In chemical industry
  • Microelectronics industry
  • Fermentation
  • Producing sterile water for pharmaceutical industry
  • Food & beverages industry where the process is used for concentrating fruit juices and alcoholic beverages.
  • For biomass concentration and separations of soluble products
  • Separates solvents from pigments in paints.


  • For biological molecule concentration.
  • For recovering electropaint.
  • Waste treatment of oil emulsion.
  • Whey treatment in dairy industries.
  • Waste treatment of pulp mill.
  • producing pure water for electronics industry.
  • For concentrating textile sizing.
  • Heat sensitive proteins concentration for food additives.
  • Gelatin concentration.
  • Preparing Enzyme and pharmaceutical products.


  • Landfills; Phosphate, sulphate, nitrate and fluoride removal
  • Agriculture; Toxins like algal is removed, Landfill leachate Purification, Selenium removal from drainage water
  • Clothing and leather; Salts and water recovery from wastewater
  • Paper and graphical; Chromium(III) and Chromium(II) recovery and reuse, Water recovery from wastewater or wastewater treatment effluent
  • Desalination of slightly brackish water
  • Demineralization