• Fermentation
  • Producing sterile water for pharmaceutical industry
  • For biomass concentration and separations of soluble products
  • Separation of antibiotics from fermentation broth


  • For biological molecule concentration.
  • Preparing Enzyme and pharmaceutical products.
  • Recovery of vaccines and antibiotics from fermentation broth
  • Removal of endocrines and pesticides combined with suspended Activated Carbon pretreatment
  • Fractionation of proteins
  • Dialysis and other blood treatments
  • Separation of biomass in biotechnology
  • Removes particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, and colloids above their rated size effectively.
  • For biological molecule concentration.
  • Heat sensitive proteins concentration for food additives
  • Gelatin concentration.
  • Enzyme concentration


  • Food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Can concentrate sugars, divalent salts, particles, bacteria, proteins, dyes, and constituents that have molecular weight above 1000 daltons.
  • Recovery of nutrients from fermentation process
  • Separation of aminoacides


  • Concentration of a wet process stream in pharmeceutical industry