MAYASAN, founded in 1970 to produce cheese rennet, is now a manufacturer and supplier of ingredients and equipments for the dairy industry around the world. Mayasan has been using membrane technology in the rennet manufacturing process for over 15 years and is specialized in R&D and technical services of membrane systems.

 Mayasan signed a distributor contract with membrane producing company Amfor.Inc-USA in 2011. The target is to run the process with less energy, a higher quality of the end products and the reliability of the separation process

Mayasan will continue to provide technical support and assistance to distributors and end users in this area.




AMFOR INC. was established as a membrane-producing enterprise in 1986.  With the establishment of the company Advanced Membrane Technology INC. at that time, AMFOR began the manufacturing of membrane and spiral membrane elements and later entered into the membrane system business.

In 1997, AMFOR has established Ande Membrane Separation Technology & Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  in Beijing with specializing in EdCoat application. After a decade, Ande Membrane Inc. has become a professional manufacturer of all kinds of membranes, such as Reverse Osmosis Membrane (RO)/ Nanofiltration(NF) /Ultrafiltration (UF) /Microfiltration (MF) /ANODE CELL MEMBRANE  etc.    

 In 2003, AMFOR has established Amei Ande Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Beijing with dedicating on membrane technology research, development and industrial application.